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11.10.2009- Wi-Fi, finally…

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Spent the morning finishing the blogs, getting ready to take the computer down town to The Oysterette, a local eatery with wi-fi capabilities.  Arrived around 10:30, ordered a sweetened iced tea and went to work. A little later I ordered a criminally fattening crab dip, salsa chips and bread for dipping, for lunch (see below).

             IMG_1348                  IMG_0399

Detective Skip goes to work,,, Got chatting with Lynde, the waitress, to see if she happened to know Walter Britt. No, but she said she could probably find out about him. Stepping across the restaurant, she asked a group of men (I think they have coffee here everyday) if they knew the name… it seems they all did. (This picture is from 11/12, not the same as the original group.) Very nice guys who easily got past the fact that I was not a Reb but, rather, one of those unnecessary and generally obnoxious Yankees!


Lynde came back with Walter’s last known office address and the name and location of Walter’s half-brother in case the office address did not work out for me. What service! Man at the office building told me that Walter vacated that office last summer. Off to the half-brothers office where a woman called for Walter and left a message that I was looking for him.

Mission accomplished… Walter calls after I get back to Scooter. Ends up that he came to the park for a short visit before taking his family out for dinner (three children, 7 grand-children). He and Linda divorced a number of years ago. Invited me to breakfast tomorrow and a walk-through of his business.

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