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12.23.2009- A business day and another dinner!

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Spent the whole morning, after a walk, working on the mail. Bills to pay, Medicare coverage to change (Aetna stopped plan in NJ, going with AARP). And then the condo accounting figures (I am the Treasurer) for October and November arrived. Did not finish working on them… will probably do that in Loxahatchee.

Spent the early to mid afternoon checking out Scooter… we are leaving tomorrow for Loxahatchee, west of Palm Beach, and the Sunsport Nudist Resort. Checked the tires, oil, transmission fluid, etc. Everything fine.

John Faunce had suggested we get together for the afternoon. The mail and working on Scooter quashed that idea. So he (again) kindly invited me for dinner. About to put on my new Hawaiian shirt, that matches my old pants, when he called to say that we would be going to the Grand Harbor restaurant. Gray slacks, nice shirt, tie and jacket… tired of being under-dressed for a Faunce function! Of course, I ended up taking off the tie and jacket- were were going casual. In any case, excellent chicken over pasta with a delicious sauce and an ice cream creation for dessert.

Lots of hugs and heart-felt goodbyes (Thanks again, John and Bee, for a wonderful time!) and it was back to Scooter. Time to get ready for the continuing saga of “Skip, on the road again.”

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