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1.10.2010- Back to Key West in the rain…

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Enjoyed the Waffle House so much yesterday that we went back today. Sat at the counter and were waited on by Kianu, a wonderful fellow with a radiant, friendly smile.  When questioned, his response was, “It’s my gift!” How great is that?! (Please notice that Topsy is dressed for skiing in Key West!)


Drove into town and spent some time in a small (OK, tiny) mall waiting for the trolley to take us around town. An hour and a half tour (same company as in Savannah, get on and off all day long) with Jim as the guide. Amazingly informative and funny as well, hope to get him when Rob is here. Did the whole loop and decided to walk up Duval street, planning to be back ay Mallory Square in time for the shark feeding at the aquarium.

One of the famous chickens…                           Ninety miles to Cuba…

IMG_4141 IMG_4138 Nudism permitted, 3rd floor bar (open air)…    Hemingway’s favorite watering hole…

IMG_4159 IMG_4151

Suddenly realized that we are standing in front of the original Margaritaville. Being cold, wind-blown and tired it was time for an Irish coffee. ALWAYS ask for “well” booze in Key West… this was the most expensive drink I’ve ever had! I noticed that Land Shark beer was sold here and commented on the fact that I had seen it being bottled in Jacksonville at the Budweiser plant. Chris, the bartender, proceeds to tell me that the brand is owned by Jimmy Buffett, Bud simply bottles it for him. Checked a bottle… yep, Margarita Brewing Company. Life is good!!!(See the note below about a margarita on the  menu at lunch,)


IMG_4171 IMG_4170

Hustled back to make the shark feeding at 1 o’clock. Great aquarium… I seem to like fish.

What lives in a conch shell?                              Let’s touch a shark…

IMG_4183 IMG_4200

Lunch was at the Rook Top Cafe, very close to Mallory Square, on Front Street. The menu had a shocker… a Margarita for $99.00! The waiter told us about it… the ingredients are the best of the best, most being extremely old. And, yes, they do sell from time to time.

After lunch we took the trolley to the 5th stop… Topsy had to see the cats, some with an extra toe on each foot, at Hemingway’s home.

IMG_4225 IMG_4230

IMG_4243 IMG_4253

IMG_4241 IMG_4242

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