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1.19.2010- Everglades Alligator Farm (and airboat ride!)…

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After two relatively slow days, it was time to see or do something exciting. Checking out all the brochures, I decided that the Everglades Alligator Farm offered a lot of promise. Arrived just in time to see a snake show… very talented and funny instructor gave an intriguing talk and demonstration about the snakes of Florida.

Then the completion of another “bucket list” item… a ride on an airboat. Lasted about a half hour, first part slow while the guide explained the flora and fauna. Then we sped up to about 35mph, scared some wild life, scared some riders by doing 360 degree turns, and generally got a little wet, specially those in front (not me).

Paul, our guide…


A real ‘gator…                                                   and a fake one!

IMG_4726 IMG_4714  IMG_4730 IMG_4735

Insert video of ride here>

Back at the park…

IMG_4758 IMG_4754

IMG_4743 IMG_4762

IMG_4753 IMG_4772 IMG_4779IMG_4780

Add video of large snake>

Up the street was a major prison… check out the razor-wire.

 IMG_4782 IMG_4783

On the way home I came across a place recommended by fellow RVers- Robert Is Here, a fruit and veggie stand that also sells wonderful slurpees (they call them fresh fruit milkshakes), located out in the boondocks

IMG_4784 IMG_4785

IMG_4787 IMG_4793

IMG_4794 IMG_4795

Of course, the slurpee was not enough so I had to stop at the local restaurant in the food distribution center. A great hamburger with fries.

IMG_4797 IMG_4798

Got back to Scooter and saw a man washing his RV, something that very few RV parks allow. Thjis was my chance to wash Toad (really dirty) and the lower half of Scooter (some road grime). Doing the Honda I discovered a fairly serious dent over the right rear wheel well- someone had swiped me, more than likely pulling in or out of a parking spot. Fortunately just missed the door panes and the trim seems OK. Ah, well something else to fix when I get home.


End to a long day, tired, dinner and to bed early!

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