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3.6.2010- Petanque Tourney

When I realized that I was going to stay longer, I bravely signed up for the annual petanque tournament here at Gulf Coast Resort. through a random selection, I was partnered with Bob, from Gulf Coast, and Carolyn, from Paradise Lakes. It was double elimination, that is if you lose twice you are out. We won our first match and then had to wait quite a while… it seems that the losers play first to reduce the ranks. We then went on to lose the second, win the third (the theme from “Chariots of Fire” kept playing in my head), and then lost the fourth. Drats, we had been doing fairly well! ;-(  In any case, we came in 6th out of 23 teams. I guess the placing for #5 back depends on how long you last on the court, the first four being determined by the semi-final two matches and the final match. In any case, we dun good!!!

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