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3.7.2010- Pot luck dinner

Played petanque again and won both games.

Later in the day, at 4pm, I went to a pot luck dinner. Fortunately, I had made and frozen a batch of Train Wreck, that world renowned concoction formulated by Cookie during my college days at the ADP fraternity. Basically a goulash of hamburger, tomatoes (diced, sauce, V-8 juice), elbow macaroni, onions, peppers, mushrooms), all spiced up with garlic, pepper and Tabasco. I had two 4-cup containers that I defrosted for the cause. Fortunately I had not over spiced it- it was palatable and appreciated by all. Sure glad I went to college!

Afterward, Marygrace Ellis, aka Gracie, invited all at our table back to her place for socializing. After taking my dishes back to Scooter, I headed over. As I approached, I realized that I was the first on the scene. Being the newbie on the block and having an almost immeasurable amount of shyness, I watched bean-bag and horseshoes competitions until others had arrived at Gracie’s. Had a very nice time talking with all… Gracie, Jerry and Barb, Bob and Jean, Dave and Mary Louise.

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