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3.9-3.15.2010- Lots going on but VERY tired!

Please be advised that there is a very good reason that I have not blogged in the last week… when I am not tending to Webster, I am sitting in a daze, eyes generally closed, wondering where I will find the energy to do anything productive. I am still able to feed myself and perform other basic types of personal hygiene, but that is about it!

All kidding aside, it has been a wonderful week. Webster is showing huge improvement is his deportment and learning skills. In fact, we are now down to getting up once during the night; last Wednesday night it was four times (and I was happy to do it, I think!). I am getting a good picture of the times necessary for a walk… there have only been two accidents in Scooter (she said she didn’t mind), two pees on the vinyl tile floor, nothing on the carpet (yet). I actually think I am losing some weight or maybe I just am feeling better. The little guy is adding both a measure of responsibility and a much larger sense of enjoyment. And I know things will only get better as Webster matures!

To summarize the week, I will note significant happenings and then post some pictures and videos of my new friend.

3.9- Played petanque while Webster slept. Bobbi and Dave Baker, friends I had met at SunSport, arrived for a stay. They are good friends of Barb and Jerry Parsons (they toured Naples via Segway earlier this season). Later Barb served up a wonderful dinner for all. Webster, who the Parsons adore, was invited to give their Bichon Frise, Sadie, company.

3.10- Petanque again. Had dinner at Gracie’s… hamburgers on the grill a la Chef Skip and a wonderful salad. Webster was very playful and “barky”… I don’t mind unless it is at 2AM! Tried only a little water during the late daytime to see if it made a difference at night. Well, of course, he drank like a fish before bed time. Water goes through in a flash… the result was multiple calls during the night. Now I am going to limit the H2O at the very end of the day. Hopefully soon won’t have to worry at all.

3.11- Jerry was kind enough to loan me a 9’x12’ polystyrene carpet to put outside the door to Scooter. It has greatly reduced the amount of sand, leaves, branches, etc. brought into the bus by myself and Webster. Also, Dave loaned me an electronic device to hopefully reduce the amount of barking while I am gone (my next door neighbor had complained, in a nice way). I can’t really tell if it works- when I leave I hear one or two barks, then it is quite. Others have told me that they hear barking after I leave. The jury is still out. Maybe a bark collar will be necessary at home.

3.12- Played Mexican Train Dominoes with Gracie this evening… we had played previously and she was modestly in the lead after a few rounds. Well, it is amazing how being ahead can boost both your confidence and your skills of expressing how truly horrendous my ultimate defeat would be. I have promised that I would not reveal how badly she lost this evening… truly a humbling experience I am sure. I have heard very little about dominoes since. 😉

An experiment- would Webster like to sleep with me? Started out the night with him next to me. Unfortunately the CPAP machine I use for sleep apnea has an air exhaust that blew on Webster… he felt compelled to move down near my feet. Of course I worried about kicking him off the bed during the night so I spread all of my dirty laundry around so as to soften any possible fall. There was one tumble though I am sure he tried to jump. We took a walk and then tried again. He was still on the bed in the morning.

3.13-3.15- Things are getting better every day with Webster… getting regular with the elimination issues, lately have been up only one time at night.

Saturday was a horseshoes tournament- I did not go, tried to nap when Webster was quiet. Sunday was a beanbag tournament (teams of two, four bags each, throw through hole 25+/- feet away, on board = 1 point, through hole = 3 points, first to 21 wins. Able to spend some time watching the competition. Monday morning I played petanque and our team beat Larry’s (he is notoriously good) 13-12 and 13-6 (started at 6 for short game… zapped them!). Felt good and had fun!

Late afternoon was a birthday party for Dale Schad (we have an excess of Dales here, must define the correct one). His wife Diana threw an excellent bash, lots of presents and a beautiful cake. Much fun.



Now, a video of Webster and Sadie, Barb and Jerry Parson’s Bichon Frise.


And some pictures, two with Sadie…

IMG_5725 IMG_5737 

IMG_5752 IMG_5754

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