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3.16.2010- Laundry, lunch, pool, dominoes and a party = BUSY

Woke to take Webster out, came back and dozed with him on the bed. Reawakened to the feeling of a soft, warm tongue licking my bald head. Cannot get over how much I adore this little animal. He is very intelligent, reacting to me in a most positive manner. The only problems- he only likes to be held in a certain way (I am sure that will change) and he hates to be combed (he will have to endure that once I can figure out how to hold him still).

Normal day after being washed. Did my laundry (three loads, [15 shirts and this is a nudist resort] meant no petanque), lunch at the restaurant with Gracie, then to the pool.

At 1PM we went to the community room with Barb, Jerry, Bobbi and Dave for some dominoes. We played a new game… Chicken Foot, named because each double has to be satisfied with three “toes” before any other play can be made (see picture below). Fun game with rules much simpler than Mexican Train. Mid-way through the game we were joined by a wonderful woman named Joan who asked to watch the game. She is physically disabled but mentally at the top of her game. We enjoyed her immensely and she will be called to join our next game.

Joan                                                           Gracie and Bobbi

 IMG_0690  IMG_0689

Bobbi and Jerry                                           Barb and Dave

IMG_0692  IMG_0691

At 5:30 we went to Bob and Richard’s place for a party. Most enjoyable… met some new folks and enjoyed Richard’s lasagna. Bob is a Lutheran minister (retired) and he has offered to hold the service at the local church this Sunday. Gracie and I plan on being there. After dinner, it was back to Gracie’s for NCIS .

Picture of the day- see any thing under the bus?


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