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3.17-3.22.2010- Too busy!

3.17- Usual early walk, no #2 performance by Webster. Constipation? Will keep a watch on it. Played petanque, not great at it today. Jackie, the regular cook, prepared Ruebens for lunch at $4 each. Had a huge run on them… two extra trips to the grocery for meat and one for bread and cheese, from what I hear.

Ended the day with Gracie… she put on another fantastic spread- smoked pork, beets and baked potato. A very imaginative chef- everything she prepares is different and delicious. No way have I lost any weight recently!

3.18-Back to Gracie’s for breakfast before Petanque. Eggs Benedict, no less. I am spoiled rotten!!

Around 10:30 we took off to do some shopping and visit a local winery. Webster was well fed, watered and walked- he lasted the duration of the trip with hopefully minimal separation anxiety.

At 4 we went to the weekly jam session. Reid (guitar) and Margaret (vocal) entertain the crowd every week. Today they were joined by Howard (guitar ) and Diane (bass guitar). It is a free, BYOB function and a lot of fun. Afterwards, Gracie and I watched TV for a while.

3.19- Amazing… I was able to sleep from 10:30 until a little after 7 this morning. Things are definitely looking up with the pup. Played petanque- won one and lost one. A fun game… I am surprised that it has not caught on in the north (or maybe it has but I haven’t found it).

I had heard that Tarpon Springs has a Greek section that offers fantastic food and wine along with tourist style shopping. Gracie and I decided that today was the day to explore. I asked Jerry and Barb if they would walk Webster once or twice… well, I think they tried to have adoption papers drawn up! Took Webster over to their site and planted him near Sadie. All was so blissful that Barb and Jerry were able to go to the pool and enjoy the day. It took about an hour to get to Tarpon Springs- Gracie knew the way so I did not have to GPS it. The street where the Greek businesses thrive is Dodecanese Boulevard- we parked at one end and walked to the other end and back. Gracie must have had a plan… she introduced me to a man who sells Greek and related (Cyprian and Cretan) wines. Well, numerous bottles later we hit the road for home. Being in her car (convertible top down, you know) she dropped me off to walk Webster. The wine went back to her place where she is now holding it as ransom. I have to return to Gulf Coast Resort (or her summer home, White Tail Resort in Ivor, VA) to enjoy it. And I paid for it! Ah, the devious and wily ways of the fair sex!   😉

On returning to Gulf Coast, we had a wonderful “stoup” for dinner, neither soup nor stew, yet it must be served in a bowl. A wonderful seafood concoction that she brought back from her trip to Venice the previous week. Jerry surprised us with a wonderful dessert… I don’t know the name but Barb made it and it was ridiculously sweet (i.e., fattening) and therefore delicious!

3.20- Today is the date that I had originally planned to be back in Avalon. It is the end of the fifth month on the road. I left on October 20th and set my goal to be home by the 20th of March. Back on February 19th, I arrived at Gulf Coast Resort (yes, it is nudist) with the intention of a one week stay. Well, it ended up being over four weeks. I have NEVER met a more likeable bunch of people… three were outside my RV door to welcome me before I turned the key off (I am not kidding).

Now, here is the kicker. Gracie, Barb and Jerry, and Bobbi and Dave gave me a farewell dinner at Gracie’s home. Cocktails with all sorts of marvelous hor’s doerves (sp?) followed by two casseroles (fantastic pasta with chicken and a broccoli creation that was wonderful), another wonderful salad and Brandy Alexanders (a lot of ice cream in these beauties!) for dessert. (Susan, if you are reading this, I need the recipe!) I can’t tell you how much the friendship of these people (and many more at the Resort) has meant to me. This has been the most outstanding and memorable part of my trip and, to anyone who wants to leave the “textile” world and become a nudist (highly recommended), this is the place to be.

3.21- Fortunately had a chance to relax today, petanque, etc. The big responsibility for the day was to pick up Gracie’s step-daughter Susan at the airport.

Susan and…                                           …Gracie and I at dinner.

IMG_5794 IMG_5792

She was due in at 6:02 but was delayed by about 20 minutes. No problem- we were there in plenty of time. Hoards of people were sporadically coming out of the exit ramps and no Susan… had she missed the plane? A cell phone call resolved the concern- she was at the back of the pack, delayed by the transit system. It was very nice to meet her. She is the daughter (by a prior marriage) of Gracie’s husband Reed, who passed away last year. We offered her options for a meal on the way back to the Resort- picked Beef O’Grady’s, a place I had heard about from Tom (famed for his sinicism concerning the purchase of a dog). Well, the only “beef” of any stature on the menu was a sirloin… no prime rib, filet, etc. What, there’s no beef here! Had some kind of shrimp wrap, not bad actually, and brought the girls back home.

3.22- Last full day here- feeling kind of sad, has been most enjoyable, especially getting to know Gracie. A wonderful woman who lost her husband too soon. From all I hear he was a wonderful guy and a friend to all. Gracie has told me that they never argued and that it was a 50-50 marriage in every way. As I understand it, he was the only love of her life. Oh, to be so fortunate! Finished the day having a burger and salad with Gracie and then watched some TV.

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