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3.23-3.25.2010- Heading home…

3.23-Up early to get ready to leave. Walked Webster extra long- don’t want problems in Scooter. Gracie came over and helped by watching over the pooch while I got everything ready to go. Had a somewhat emotional good-bye with Gracie…  we had a lot of fun together and she is very special to me. Here she is saying good-bye, holding Webster.


Of course, I pull out with my coffee cup still in the microwave and a little further down the road the leveling system, which has not worked from day one, alarm goes off. Jump out, open the electrical box and pull the fuse- problem (noise) solved. Proceed for a ways when I hear a yipping from the cage. Pull over to give the pup a walk and discover that he has tossed his cookies, some in the cage and some out. Stanley Steamer, where are you? Get it all cleaned up, as best as I can, and proceed down the road. Stop for fuel at the entrance to Rt. 95… whoops, there’s some more. Well, I figure that he is on empty so I put some food in the cage for him. After seven plus hours and 300 plus miles, I decided to stop at a Wal-Mart outside of Savannah. That’s where he lost it for the third time, just as I was coming to a stop. I have since put his cage up on the passenger seat (seat belted and well tied in) so he can have a view.


I know that when I was boating, the only times I ever got seasick was when I could not see out, preferably having a view of the horizon. Hopefully the plan will work. He has shown no bad after effects… ate another dinner and drinking a lot of water. Hopefully, a better day tomorrow.

3.24- Did slightly under 500 miles in about 8 hours and am now in residence at the Wal-Mart on Brook Road in the northern suburbs of Richmond, VA. Today was MUCH better than yesterday- no signs of Webster getting sick. Did have a number of “no performance” stops for his highness… at least I got to relax a little while he frolicked, trying to sniff or eat everything in sight.

Talked with Gracie this afternoon. She and her step-daughter entered a petanque tournament held at Gulf Coast today. Gracie’s team came in first out of 23 teams. AMAZING!!!  :-)  And, I missed it…  🙁

3.25- Left Richmond around 8:15 and , other than a two mile backup on the outer loop in Washington, made good time, arriving in Avalon around two in the afternoon. I plan on leaving Scooter parked in front of the condo until all is unloaded, toting a load every time Webster is walked.

The trip lasted for five months and five days. It was an incredible experience… saw many sights and met many wonderful people. I am rethinking my original thoughts about how I use Scooter… I can easily envision using her as my home in Florida every winter and taking shorter trips on occasion during the summer. A major “around the USA” venture is looking less likely… time will tell.

Post Script- Fuel Usage

Scooter travelled 3,395 miles, using 329.8 gallons of diesel fuel which cost $938.05. The miles per gallon was 10.32, costing $2.844 per gallon.

Toad travelled 3,705 miles (plus being towed), using 164.04 gallons of gas which cost $434.72. The miles per gallon was 22.59, costing $2.650 per gallon.

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