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6.2.09- The WTC and some frustration…

June 6th, 2009 No comments

Awoke fairly early to catch the ferry boat to Manhattan. On the boat at 8:24 (right on time) and on the island 12 minutes later.


When I arrived, I actually took a picture of street signs so I could remember how to get back to the ferry… I know a cabbie could find the dock if I had an address.

After getting directions to the WTC site from various NYers (most none too pleasant in the AM), walked past the NY Stock Exchange and asked when there might be tours. Two security men were guarding the place (all entering were scrutinized) and one replied that there is no such thing. Imagine, I may not view the bastion of free enterprise!


On one street approaching the area, there were large metal plates in the roadway that were raised hydraulically to prevent any closer vehicular approach to the Wall Street area. It would take a Sherman tank or better to breach them.


Finally found the WTC area and was further shocked to discover that it is virtually impossible to get a good view from street level. Not knowing anyone that might have an office facing the site and, being somewhat of an ingenious sort, I prowled around until I came to a building (said “Deloitte” on the front door) that had a second floor lobby, a waste of space but practical for my purposes. Thus, I was able to get both stills and a video of the site. Mission accomplished.


This is very frustrating… I somehow lost all that I had written after the spot in which I was going to insert the above video. So here goes, again.

I was finished all that I really cared about seeing by 10:30 AM. The ferry boats only run during commuting hours so I managed to navigate my way back to Scooter via the PATH rail system. First, it was very close and second, once I met rail system guru Nadine, the trip was a piece of cake. Nadine was a bright spot in New York- she lives in Harlem, was on vacation and heading to Newark to visit friends/relatives, I am not sure which. Thanks, Nadine, for your generous help!

On the walk back from the PATH station, I asked a cop (he has neither earned nor does he deserve the title of policeman) how for it was to the RV park. He rudely got in my face and asked “how stupid could I be” and proceeded to chew me out about walking on the side of the street where there was some construction work being done. I did not respond but thought that, while I might have missed some warning sign, if it was that dangerous a barricade of some type might be appropriate. Not wanting to spend some time down at the station house, I did not tell him what I really thought of him!

With all bad comes some good! A block further on I met up with…


They were all so cute and they waved to me!

So off I head to Closter, NJ, to await service on Scooter. I stopped by the repair shop to see if there was any chance of their working on the problem any sooner… sorry, but no. So, there not being a Wal-Mart close by (they have a corporate policy of accepting any responsible RVers who ask), I accosted the manager of the local K-Mart and was granted permission to stay the night. I later found out that the town has an ordinance against this.

Scooter and Toad at the K-Mart-


The rest of the day was OK… spent time on the free computer with web connection at K-Mart (they have six) and went to see the new movie Angles and Devils in the same shopping center. All in all, a decent day.