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6.5.09- A long drive and Niagara Falls

June 6th, 2009 2 comments

Awake early again- on the road by 6:30, headed west… decided to try for Niagara Falls- 280 miles. Hated passing by the Finger Lakes and Cooperstown but I only have so much time. Stopped to fuel up about half way and called the appropriately named Niagara Falls Campground and reserved a spot for the night. Also made sure the Toad (my Honda) was OK- she started up fine (have to leave the ignition on when towing so the wheels can track the RV- uses up a little battery power). So when I got to the campground, guess what… she was really dead, almost like she didn’t have a battery. Seems like a problem a day takes the fun away…  😉

In any case, there was a tour of Niagara Falls and other nearby sites that was to leave just after I arrived. The car could wait- I took the tour. I have to tell you, Niagara Falls is AMAZING!

IMG_8664 IMG_8682

The pictures are nice but the videos are better. The quantity of water involved is staggering- during summer daylight hours (the quantity is actually controlled by dams upstream for the production of electricity), 34,000,000 gallons go over the brink every minute. That is enough to fill 1,000,000 bathtubs. Actually, looking at it, I would have guessed more but somebody actually figured it out.

Now for the videos, one from below and the second from above:

It has been a long day and I am tired… maybe I have to learn to sleep in. Oh, and guess what. I have not watched a single minute of TV this week! I suppose that’s a good thing….

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