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5.26.09- Getting ready for Canada…

May 26th, 2009 3 comments

Well, the 50th Reunion at Haverford (I co-chaired) , the Treasurer’s report  for the Avalon condo association and Memorial Day weekend are all over… it is time to go RVing!

I brought Scooter down to Avalon on the 15th and parked her at the Avalon Campground, maybe 7 miles away on the mainland. There cannot be any place closer to legally store the RV and the people there are wonderful. So now it is time to get ready. I have been taking stuff back and forth, making lists, etc. Found out that there were definitely too many tools aboard (Why is she listing to port, Captain?) and spent a good part of yesterday refining that situation. I am going to the NJ Motor Vehicle office today to get a NJ driver’s license and register Scooter and the Honda in NJ. Unfortunately, I will lose my Flagship Niagara PA license plate… will keep it in case I can use it again in PA sometime down the road.

The plan is to go to Canada. I actually have two trips planned- one to the Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland Island) and the major eastern Canadian cities (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec). Originally, I was going to do the Maritimes in June and the cities in September but, thinking about the weather, realized that it would make more sense to reverse the plan. By waiting until September, it would be warmer for the Maritime trip (which is further north) and I would also have a better chance to see the fall colors. So, it looks like June will be spent in or near the major cities of Canada. Can’t wait!

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