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I pick up “Scooter”

February 14th, 2009 No comments


“Scooter” is the name of the RV newly acquired by yours truly. As with boats (this is my land yacht), Scooter will be referred to as being feminine. I have Roger Halm, my friend and counselor, to thank for the moniker. When I asked him about a possible name, out came “Skip’s scooter”. While “Scooter” is not particularly feminine, and she surely isn’t fast, I like it and it’s similarity to my last name. Unfortunately, PennDOT says she is too heavy for a vanity plate. 😉

If you want all the details about Scooter, feel free to consult the tab “About Scooter”. I have tried to record her details there so as to have all the information in one place.

Scooter was purchased on January 31 but, of course, there are always complications… I had elected to have additional work done and a fluid monitoring panel was not working. This meant the unit stayed at the Stoltzfus dealership until everything was right. I was not planning to take any trips right away; the water systems should remain winterized until freezing is unlikely.
So, I finally picked her up on Friday, the thirteenth. I guess I could have waited until Valentine’s Day, but I have nothing against 13’s, much less Fridays. Of course, as I pull out of the dealership, the first thing I see is that the speedometer is not working. I called them, made a u-turn and pulled back in. Within 15 minutes all was well and I headed to Media where I am currently keeping Scooter in the yard at Taylor Rental. Fortunately, I have had experience driving large trucks so the experience of handling Scooter was not that terrifying. She is large and a little ungainly (not too quick off the line), stable and very comfortable to drive. One interesting feature is a set of three cameras, facing to the rear. One is located on the stern of the coach and allows me to monitor what is happening behind me. The view may be raised or lowered, to either check on the traffic behind me or to see if I still have “Toad” (see below) behind me. There are additional cameras at the front corners; they are designed to show a rearward view on whichever side I might signal a turn. It helps to not be pushing some one off the road. These camera images appear on a screen at the helm.

As an aside, I have only good things to say about the people at Stoltzfus RV Sales (Rt. 202, south of West Chester). Frank Bailor, my salesman, with 31 years of experience, has been great. His knowledge and genuine concern that I be a happy customer has been in full display. His cohort, Ken Miller in the next sales office, has also been a big help. I purchased “Toad” from him. That’s the vehicle that I will tow behind Scooter to expand my range of travel. It is a 1998 Saturn station wagon, all set up with the required towbar system. New tires and a windshield wiper module are necessary but, all in all, for the price I paid, she’s (I only travel with women…) a good dinghy for the purpose. Every one else at Stoltzfus has been great- from Wes, who took my money for the RV, to Fish and Darrell in the shop, John and Matt in service, and Frank and Holly in the store, who continue to take my money for the add-on items….  Thanks to all! (I have learned that Stoltzfus is employee owned. These people are working for themselves and it shows.)

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